Flummox and Friends

Educational guide design

"Flummox and Friends" is an off-beat, live-action comedy that helps kids on the autism spectrum navigate the social and emotional world. The show's creator and executive producer teamed up with bonafide experts in the field of social communication to create two 10-page educational guides that are both thoughtful and relevent. Families and educators use the guides after viewing the pilot episode with their children and students.

It was important to make the guides look fun and approachable so that families would be encouraged to read and use the material. I took design cues from the materials in Professor Flummox's laboratory and from the illustrations peppered throughout the show's web site.

"You extended our existing branding and brought it to the next level. The design was just what I was looking for: friendly, accessible and the perfect touch of of whimsy! Thank you, Kayt. I'm thrilled with the work and loved working with you!"
— Christa Dahlstrom, Executive Producer, Flummox and Friends